you break you buy!

Lil Chopper – Custom 3d printed knife

This is the printed out plastic prototype(I painted it to look metallic) I wanted to give this a shot to test the way it sat in my hand, the feel of striking it against something, how easy is it to take out of my hand, etc etc. I think I am gonna beef it up to 30% larger and widen the scales(handles) about 2x thicker(I want the bolts recessed into the scale a lil more). I want this to be a stash/neck knife so I dont wanna go nuts on the size but usability is big to me too(the pcord lanyard helps for a more stable grip in the “further back” not choked up hold)…..stay tuned for updates aka metal/chopping things/hopefully not cutting holes in myself

ps-sorry for the craptastic pic quality…my dslrs batteries kicked the bucket on me so I had to cell phone it…

-currently not for sale, but check back for updates and pics of the finished product


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