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Nights Armor – A tribute to Batman

It’s been awhile since I posted any new work…but do not fear, I have not hung up my cape, just merely gone into hiding for a short while. This is my homage to old “pointy ears” and it was inspired by many of the design choices made in the Nolan bat flicks. The center logo is the most current incantation of the worlds greatest detective’s crest. The circular design in the upper middle is based off of Batman’s belt buckle/grappling wench, the rivets I modeled around some of the exposed engineering of the Tumbler(as well as the points where the chain passes through, based on the sliding hinges of the Tumbler’s hatch) The slotted ports near the bottom of the pendant are taken from the “fin/blades” on Batman’s gauntlets, and the circular mesh pattern can be seen on the body suit underneath his armor plating. I tried something new on this one and left the back blank(a small screen based off the computers in the Bat Cave which can be engraved with a quote or tag line such as “SWEAR TO ME!!!” -classy no?) This pendant is available in stainless or bronze if your into shiny things and grizzly bear voiced millionaires who like to sneak around in the dark.

*purchase price is for pendant and chain only, Bat Cave, cookie monster growley voice, and never ending war against crime must be purchased separately. This item will not give the wearer ninja fighty skills, gliding ability or prevent back breakage.


(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)


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