you break you buy!

Heart of Iron – Arc Reactor Pendant

I remember being a kid and all my friends wanted to be football or baseball players. In my mind, hitting a ball over a fence paled in comparison to the ability to fly/blast a beam of light through a mountain….so I spent my time idolizing Tony Stark aka The Invincible Ironman. Although I doubt I will ever achieve his level of gadgeteering, I have no doubt the days I spent taking apart toasters and tv remotes had a big deal to do with me being the person I am today. This is my homage to what drives him(literally) the Arc Reactor, made in stainless steel, with two mounting points that I think match a ball chain quite nicely(but could work with a cord instead). Emblazoned with the words made famous by both Tony and Ozzy ” I am Ironman” across the back.



(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)


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