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Sitting in the Sand – A tribute to Journey

So after the wave of interest in the Skyrim pendant a few weeks ago, I decided to create a homage to another awesome lil video game called Journey.  It’s an amazingly cool look at both how amazingly styled visuals can really rock you emotionally, and the effect that putting emphasis on “what your doing” can be just as important as “why you are doing it”.

The pendant is based on the stone statue/tombstones scattered through out the game world, with the title on one side and a few of the games cryptic runes on the other(the entire game has no spoken dialog or written text)

If you dug the game I hope you dig this pendant….or if your really into the band…that could work too….it’ll be our secret…I won’t tells no bodies……



(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)



  1. Carlos Eduardo


    I’m from Brazil and i’ll get 2 of those beauties, but on Pay Pal when i change the delivery location to Brazil, it doesn’t add any cost to the shipping. Do you think you can check that? 😀

    Thanks a lot


  2. Crimson

    I received the pendants last week. They’re amazing! Smaller than I imagined, but perfectly balanced. It has a good weight and feel to it. Many thanks!


  3. Twice I have ordered this pendant because I misplaced my first one. But the quality of the pendant is amazing! Perfect size, just the right color, and rugged enough to add character. You’ll be more than pleased when you see so for yourself.

    The only differences between both orders were the cords:
    – The first necklace came with a twisted band (seen in the above photo) that had adjustable sliding knots. This never wore down and never chaffed my neck.
    – The second necklace looks like a pleather band, but the ends have a chain and lobster claw to clip onto your neck. But one wrong yank and the cord slipped out of the end with the lobster claw. I went back and reinserted the cord with pliers and reinforced it. But I ended up replacing it with a cord similar to the previous just to make sure I didn’t lose it at my job.


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