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Skyrim Pendant

After getting a large amount of requests for a Skyrim themed piece, I put this one together. I have seen a bunch of pendants that are basically just the dragon sculpted out, so i decided to try something different and went with a negative image recessed into the design, with the famed horned helm and Dragon Shout(FORCE BALANCE PUSH!) on the back.

It is available in stainless, bronze, and gold plated



(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)



  1. aaron

    You should put some size comparisons for a lot of these and maybe some pictures of what they would look like with the other metals? I was thinking of getting the skyrim one, but I have no idea the dimensions, or how it would look in bronze or gold plated. Just my own opinion, but it would be worth looking into 🙂


    • Hey good point! I usually just fabricate these per order so I don’t get a chance to see what/post what the different metals look like. Lately I’ve been adding a banana/coins for scale.


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