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Super Time Travel Watch Compass Pendant

I have a feeling no one is going to remember this, but back in the 80’s there was a tv show called Voyagers about a kid and a pirate who traveled through time with a magic pocket watch, insuring history unfolded correctly(kinda like Quantum Leap) It was a kick ass show, and I remember getting excited as hell every time it came on. Unfortunately, the guy who played the pirate was playing around with a prop gun on a movie set and managed to fatally shoot himself, and that was that for Voyagers. Long story short, the show did kick off a life long fascination with time travel/pocket watches, and I think that was a big driving force behind this piece. It’s my take on what a time travel watch might look like(and my first foray into gold plating) I like to think the “face” of the watch is just a portal to a bigger machine, hence the gears that could not really work in the watch itself(not enough room)

R.I.P Phineas Bogs(pirate guy) history will never know how much you rocked(ironic as he had a time machine)


(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)


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