you break you buy!

The Cosmonauts Anchor

I would like to think if a space travel was shooting his way through space…he/she may need some way to stop…and rockety/jet blasty engines are kind of boring…chucking a big metal hook onto planets is much more interesting…..

If that was indeed the case, that object might look like this….all hooky and grippy. I have been doing quite a few movie/comic book/video game related projects lately and decided to do something that came directly from my brain….hope you like it.(its 2″ tall if you were wondering….appropriate size to use as a tiny grappling hook….)

If you feel the need to acquire a means to stopping yourself from hurling through the void of space, it is available in stainless steel, bronze or gold plated.



(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)


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