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You’ve got the touch

Growing up I watched quite a bit of cartoons but one was my all time favorite, the might Transformers.  Whats better than a giant robot that likes the kick the @$@#$ out of things? Well a giant robot that turns into some kind of vehicle and kicks the @$@# out of things.  I created this piece around the mighty heroic Autobot logo(no way I’m ever making a Con pendant….well…unless I got payed off with a whoooooole lot of engergon…)  This one is blank on the back, so there is room for an engraving.  It is available in stainless(silver color), bronze or gold plated(if you’re feeling high faulting)

It cant actually transform…but it looks like it could….(in stainless)

shown hanging on a chain (bronze finish)

if the need arises, it can stand on end…although I have no idea why this would be useful…

shown next to a quarter for scale(sorry for the blur I forgot my tripod)



(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)



  1. Jennifer

    I’m from germany and I really want to buy your bronze autobot necklace! Can you ship through germany? Is the pendant with the chain? Please answer?
    greetings from germany!


  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for the fast reply! I heard on the back of the pendant is room for engraving? Can i change anything after I bought it (like the colour or an engraving)?


  3. lequitha martin-johnson

    I’m a big transformer fanatic myself. I love the necklace I just have one question can you make the autobot/decepticon pendant if I send you the copy I want made?


  4. These are so awesome!!! I’ve been trying to find an Autobot necklace for awhile now, and haven’t found any. I did find one online through Facebook, but the website was taken down. How long will shipping take and cost to WI?


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