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A huge part of what motivates me to create my art is the smiles and positive vibes that it creates.  Going forward I am going to post feed back and images provided by customers in this section…..


tyler nyikos

I just got my bmo pendant, its a gift for a huge adventure time fan friend of mine and its going to make the best birthday present ever. as soon as i picked it up i could tell by how solid it was that it was quality work and wasn’t just a slapped together trinket. the way you just know a work of art when you see it, and i can say i am beyond happy with my purchase. i recommend this to any fans of adventure time, or even fans of cute little robot dudes who just bring a family together. And i cant figure out how to post a picture to this comment but i can in the future if i learn how.

(Thanks Tyler!)


“Excellent craftsmanship; easily my favorite Zelda piece to date. Would certainly suggest any Zelda fan checking it out.”
-Brian Rowland(Thanks for the kind words Brian!)


“This Zelda pendant turned out awesome. I wasn’t sure at first if it was worth the price or not but after seeing it I definitely think its worth it.  I ordered it for my girlfriend as our anniversary is coming up. She is going to absolutely love it. But no one reads reviews to hear my story, so here’s the story of the pendant!

It came in the mail about 25  days after I ordered it. The cuts that make the piece of metal what it is are sharp, exact, and are symmetrical. All the cuts are precise too, with no weird shaped parts. Its pretty cool actually, the top part of the pendant protrudes from the surface, and the bottom half is like a valley in the surface. Overall the front is EXACTLY how its supposed to be, and looks fantastic. I emailed Dave about an inscription for the back half of it and he made sure it got taken care of. Its some lyric or saying or something that my girl loves. It turned out to be even cooler than I thought it would be because its not like a carving in the metal but the metal was carved around the words…? im not sure how to explain it so I have pictures! Over all this is the best piece of custom work I’ve ever purchased and i really couldn’t have asked for a cooler or better gift to give for my anniversary!” -Conner Smith
(Thanks Conner!!!)
IMG_6290[1] IMG_6291[1]


I’m very happy with my Link pendant. The quality is top notch and the bronze finish looks fantastic. I also asked for an inscription on the back and that looks amazing as well. Dave contacted me soon after I ordered the pendant and informed of how long it would take for me to receive my pendant and communicated with me every step along the way. I am very happy with my pendant and with the customer service.

(Thanks Edgar!)



“This is a pretty sweet little piece of art, it looks even better than I hoped.”(Zelda Pendant)

-Paul Westin

(thanks Paul!)


“I received the shield necklace a few days ago and wow I am extremely impressed with what I received. When I ordered initially after seeing a post on Reddit about one I wasn’t sure what type of quality the shield would be, but I have to admit it is solid and has some nice weight to it. The band it comes on is nice and thick and doesn’t appear like it is going to break any time soon. The back of the shield is smooth and hangs low enough on my 6’1 frame that it doesn’t come near to choking me (an issue I’ve had with necklaces before). The details on the front of the shield are nice and look beautiful. I am completely happy with my purchase even if my girlfriend did call me a geek for buying it (how little she knows how right she is).

Overall I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this to any fan of the Legend of Zelda series as both a nice keepsake or just a nice piece to wear. The quality is nice, the details is nice, and I’m looking forward to wearing it while out and about.

5/5 Would purchase from Dave again”

Jordan from Missouri

(Thanks Jordan!!!!)


“Hello Dave! I received the Vault Hunter Pendant about a week ago, and it’s totally awesome!! It’s exactly how it looks in the picture. Incredible detail all around. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again.

Can’t thank you enough!”
– Johnny,

(You’re welcome Johnny, thanks for your business!)

A huge thanks to Septimus-Lepidoptera for the awesome Tumblr post!  You can find it here ——>

and if you’re not a Tumblr user I have added it below….


Great review from Trish!  Thanks for your business and great idea to hang it from your mirror!


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