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A blast from the past


up up down down left right left right….

If you grew up in the 80’s/90’s you probably recognized this iconic image right away… wasn’t just a game controller…it was the key to a wonderful world of adventure, violence and shenanigans.  This is my first stab at making a ring, and I thought a homage to the angularity sexy old school NES controller would be a nice place to start.  Although it will not grant you any magical powers or fighting abilities, I can guarantee if someone tries to mug you, and you smack them in the forehead(it’s solid stainless steel) they will be way easier to identify in a police line up.  “Yes officer…3rd from the right…the one with a nintendo controller emblazoned into his face….thats him….”

I designed this with what is called in jewelry circles a “comfort band” basically the inside of the ring is domed outwards to give a better fit when it is worn.



(the ring shown is a size 10, I can make it bigger or smaller, but hit me up with an email if you are interested in a different size and I can crunch the numbers on how it will effect the cost)

NES ring_fab


(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the ring)



One comment

  1. I love this ring! Are you able to do any other video game rings? My BF has been trying to find me a unique video game/nerdy/awesome engagement ring, and have had little to no luck. I love your style! What say you, traveler?!


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