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A New Hope!

Awhile back I got a request to put together a Star Wars wedding set.  The project fell through, but it gave me a boot in the brain to give another angle a shot.  I’ve always been a big fan of rings(I wear quite a few) but really haven’t designed that many, and this was a fun project.  The ring proudly displays the insignia of the Rebel Alliance, and around the edge of the ring, in Aurebesh(one of the more commonly used text based languages of the Star Wars universe.  I had often seen it in the movies but never knew what it was called)  The writing around the ring says “STAY ON TARGET” one of my favorite phrases from Luke’s rough and rowdy space station ‘sploding days.  The ring pictured below is a size 10.5 but I could probably size it up or down to what ever size is needed.  The techy looking side bits were inspired by some of the random kibble on R2-D2.


Sitting pretty….


on edge, showing off the text that goes aaaaaaaaall the way around…..


Shown on a ravishingly talented hand model…(gdang…I got old man hands….)


One more shot, shadowy….dark….(ok ok I know its gonna come up…if you ask real nice I’ll do an Imperial alt version….maybe “Come to the Dark Side” on the edge


price:$55.00+5 bucks s/h
*side note-due to being a massive pain in the @$$ I only ship to the US now…..I got screwed out of around 300 bucks due to a change in the USPS’s international shipping policy and it did not sit well with me.

(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)



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