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I sell hardcore drugs….

Right after this game(The Last of Us) came out, I opened up my email and got blasted in the face with piles of request for jewelry related to the game.  In standard fashion I lagged ass getting around to doing it(technically I finished the pendant fairly quickly, but life kept throwing a stick in the spokes of my bicycle of progress so it took for ever and a day to get it posted.  The pendant is “dog tag-esk” replica of the Firefly pendants that show up from time to time in the game.  Solid 3d printed stainless steel, you could probably kill a Clicker with it if you spun it hard enough.  Its just shy of 2 inches from side to side and has the phrase “look for the light” scrawled across the bottom edge.  Hope you dig it, and for those of you that were asking, thanks for waiting!(aka emailing me to stay on it)


shown “sans cord” if the fungipocalyse ever actually goes down, these could be used as hobo nickles….


engraving across the bottom of the pendant


shown on the paracord it will be shipped with, you can throw what ever you want on it, but remember paracord can hold up to 550 pounds and the inner cords can be used to sew up lacerations! FUN!


price:$60.00+5 bucks s/h
*side note-due to being a massive pain in the @$$ I only ship to the US now…..I got screwed out of around 300 bucks due to a change in the USPS’s international shipping policy and it did not sit well with me.

(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)



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