Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are your pendants/rings/stabby things made of?

All my work is made of 3d printed stainless steel.  It is created by shooting lasers, chemicals and some kind of dark digital wizardry through a vat of powdered stainless steel to create the shapes I draft out on the computer.(side note-my work can also be fabricated in plastic/glass/porcelain/fine silver but I usually choose stainless steel for its strength and heavyability *totally not a real word)

2.Do you do custom work?

Why yes….yes I do…..(creepy Bond villain voice)

*drop me a line and I will give you an estimate (email dtajewelry@yahoo.com)

3.How come you don’t have any Dr. Who stuff?/

Cause I hate the show and all it stands for.(but for the right price I would make some Dr. Who stuff….IM A @#$@#$@# JEWELRY MERCENARY!!! BWAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA!

4.Will you print me a gun?




6.How long does it take to get my order?

If it is being printed in stainless steel, around 30 days.  Plastic is less and everything else is some where in the middle.  If you want custom work done I will have to design the piece so considerably more time(depending on the complexity of your request.)

7.What’s with that cool picture of bridge/factory? Is that where you work out of?

Regrettably no….it’s a stock image that came with the blog template when I bought it….I can’t figure out how to turn it off….so now I’m just stewing in my mistakes….

8.Update as of 3/18/13 regrettably I will no longer be shipping internationally.  Thank you so much to people in almost every country on the planet for your purchases.  With the recent USPS International shipping cost changes, I was getting an avalanche of emails from people trying to barter down the shipping costs(there is literally nothing I can do to lower the shipping)and I honestly just don’t want to deal with it any more.  If I can find a cheaper way to ship outside the US I will start doing it again, but until then I am going to stick with domestic shipping only.

*anything else feel free to ask!



  1. Steve


    I am interested in a custom piece made by you.

    Please reply via my email for more information, i have some graphics i would like turned into a stainless steel pendant and or coin. I would like to email you these to see if possible ?

    Cheers from Downunder (Australia).


  2. Nic

    I’m really sad you’re not shipping your awesome crafts to customers outside of the U.S. anymore.
    I hope you’ll find a way to do that again. It’d be a shame if not 😉
    Greetings from Germany


  3. Spider

    Greetings from EU Czech Republic.
    I got here via deviantart.com just telling you.
    I’m interresting in Spiderman pendant but sadly yes its complicated to shipping outside.
    But ! if you got balls for it again let me know !
    THX and happy new year Dave


  4. chris

    Hello fellow vault hunter! I followed a link from reddit. Love this piece! Regrettably I live in North wastelands in manitoba Canada, would it be possible for me to pay for the item and shipping up front? If not I understand. Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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